Magnetic Student Driver Signs:

Help you and your new driver make the most out of practice time by letting drivers around you know that a Student Driver is at the wheel. People are naturally impatient in traffic but also just as understanding when they see that it is a rookie at the wheel. What’s more, our Student Driver signs can reduce the risk of having an accident before they even have their license.Click here to see the various magnet designs for all types of cars.


The Creating A 5 Star Driver Beyond Drivers Ed
5 DVD Set

This revolutionary video driver training program is designed to make the time in the car for parents and their new drivers calm and effective. 5 in-car high definition cameras capture actual driving lessons with new and experienced drivers learning the Cullington Driving Concepts. These highly effective concepts were developed by Master Driving Instructor John Cullington, after 30 years of behind the wheel training. All aspects of driving are covered and show the new driver and their driving coach what to expect and do before going out into modern day traffic. DVD package includes 5 DVD set totaling 10 hours of quality instruction.
Also included are: 5 Star Driver Question and Answers Manuals and Our Car Know How and Maintenance DVD as listed below.

$ 229.95

The 5StarDriver Video Program Question and Answers

The 37 lesson quiz question and answers manuals. A real teaching opportunity of its own as the answers are given with complete explanation as to why the answer chosen is correct or wrong. Full color graphics.

$ 29.95

Our Car Know How and Maintenance DVD

Covers basic car maintenance under the hood, includes changing a flat tire, putting on tire chains, also what the interior and exterior knobs and switches of an automobile do. Most young people today are in the dark to what it takes to operate and maintain their car. This well produced DVD covers a lot in an hours’ time.

$ 14.95

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Parent Driving Instructor Mirror:

Licensed Driving Instructors are required by law to have an instructors mirror for their safety, and so should you. The PDI Mirror attaches in seconds to any windshield utilizing three industrial grade suction cups and is easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle. Having a mirror on their side of the car will result in parents driving much more with their new drivers. The mirror will help immensely with lane changes, slowing down in traffic, merging onto freeways and backing out of parking places.

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If you want to get the most out of teaching someone to drive

To Teach

NO yelling and screaming
on the roadway
learn how a pro does it!



Replacement Suction Cups:

The Parent Driving Instructor Mirror can easily have new suction cups with these three industrial grade cups.



An Important Start To Teaching Driving
Partnering With Parents DVD:

This 14 chapter enlightening DVD lays down the foundation of the Cullington Driving Concepts. Mr. John Cullington has 27 years and 50,000 hours of behind-the-wheel instruction to know better then most how to teach driving. Through live seminar footage, street lessons and “in car” video examples, many valuable driving skills are made clear.


Tesimonials of people using our
teaching tools

"We have taught three kids to drive. One without your mirror and helpful DVD. Most recently taught our twins with your help. So much easier! Thanks Elite".
Jo and Mark Collier

"The book and mag. signs are worth their weight in gold. I haven't yelled at my son in months since cars quit honking at us. I'm pleased with his driving.".
Harry Mendoza

"Thanks for all your help. All the information was right on and the extra tools had me driving more with my daughter. Your customer service is top notch.".
Linda Mueller


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